Get a glimpse of our process for achieving growth.

Learn about our process for achieving powerful growth.

The Blue Flame Strategy

You might be curious about what investing with us or having your investments assessed by our consultants would entail. This is the best place for you to understand why we consistently deliver positive outcomes for our partners.


We like being transparent about our process as it attracts our favorite types of partners, those who understand and appreciate our workflow. So, in five simple steps, this is how we do it:

We listen to your team and start defining goals

Enjoy direct and open communication with our consultants as they work to understand your business and scan for growth opportunities. Our goal in the beginning is to build a strong relationship with our partners so we can navigate any challenge going forward.

We design the best path towards success

Leveraging the expertise of our global network of consultants, industry leaders, and analysts, we gather any insights necessary to achieve a 30,000 foot view of your potential investment. We develop an investment structure, iron out details, and prepare to present our findings and conclusions.

We help you implement your investment solution

We deliver a presentation of our work and host as many sessions as necessary to help the decision-makers involved understand our vision and feel confident about our proposal. We analyze and explain any possible risks, and help you implement our investment solution.

We gather feedback and analyze our performance

Your honest opinion is highly valued at Blue Flame Partners. We take care of our partners and are committed to constant optimization of every aspect of our partnership. Our reputation is only as good as our partnerships are healthy, so we leave no stone unturned and identify areas we can improve.

We celebrate, reflect, and improve

Our consulting services get refined after every iteration because we always appreciate and take your feedback into account. We use all qualitative judgements and quantitative data to review our performance and make sure to register and share any takeaways so we can find ways to serve you even better next time.

Your trust is our most valuable asset

Our partners love us because we make their growth our priority. Nobody has ended an investment partnership over stellar results and reliable consulting services.


This is your chance to be brave and experience how different it feels to have us on your side, working on minimizing risk and stress for your team while you get comfortable and watch your portfolio grow.


Find out what our consultants have in store for you, all you need to do is take the first step and reach out today.